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The following benefits are for full fee paying Dog101 Club members only.  The Free Group Training is a standard trial benefit for anyone who pays for a Obedience class. If you do not use any of the benefits they do not roll over to a new year. They expire.

Parts of this membership are still in development.  Contact the team if you have questions.

We come out once a year to see you in your home to make sure everything is going to plan. This is a 30 minute visit. Done at your choosing. Or if you are out of our area we will do 2 x 30min video calls to keep you on track.

The $50 credit is applied within our points system.  This can be used for anything within the shop.  As a discount toward classes or product.  It is not redeemable for cash or transferable or refundable.

We understand this can be a hard process and no one wants to give a dog back so if you get a rescue dog from one of our affiliate rescues we will help, by making sure it fits the family with a 30minute visit instead of the maintanence visit then putting you thru puppy school or Obedience once for free.

Discounts only available to Dog101 Club Members and products you won’t find elsewhere.

A database of must know information for any dog owner.

Exclusive access for Facebook Group only for Members – A safe chat zone and meet zone.

Exclusive Business section of trusted Local Businesses we deal with. Some with discounts only for Appy Members.

Once you have paid for and completed a class you can do as many classes as you want of that level for one year – that works out so much cheaper than any club – but only whilst you are a current paid and there is room in the class with at least one full fee paying client

You get $ off the price of each Obedience Level.  As part of the Dog101 Club Membership you are given points to spend that will equal real $ in the shop – You decide how to spend them as discounts off obedience or items.

We have as part of the shop a rewards points system which you can then use to purchase products on the shop.  They are not redeemable for cash or transferable.

Word search games based around dogs – Find a word

Any training levels you do get access to videos for the training period only.  When you get the membership then you get access to those videos for the whole year.