Any Breed - Any Age - Any Problem

What do I get in my Subscription? for less than $5 a week?

We come out twice a year to see you in your home to make sure everything is going to plan. These are 30 minute visits. Done at the 6 month mark. Or if you are out of our area we will do 3 video calls to keep you on track.

We understand this can be a hard process and no one wants to give a dog back so if you get a rescue dog from one of our affiliate rescues we will help, by making sure it fits the family with a 30minute visit then putting you thru puppy school or Obedience for free.

Discounts only available to Appy Members and products you won’t find elsewhere. Big savings on normal prices.

A database of must know information for any dog owner.

Exclusive access for App only Members – A safe chat zone and meet zone.

Exclusive Business section of trusted Local Businesses we deal with. Some with discounts only for Appy Members.

A section for the kids education around dogs and challenges for them to do.

Trusted Pet Sitters reviewed by you – Our partners here are interviewed by us, have police checks, insurance, and its their own business so they care.  We give you a discount on these services.

If you need to adopt or book into a class then sign up to the app and you start getting discounts straight away in the shop for classes or products.

Once you have paid for and completed a class you can do as many classes as you want of that level – that works out so much cheaper than any club – but only whilst you are a subscriber.

We deal with lots of dogs and people are always trying to get our knowledge for free.  So as a subscriber you get that – we have a 24/7 chat room where you can ask as many questions as you like whilst you are a subscriber.

You will have access to our Library of training videos whilst you are a subscriber not just for course duration.

We have as part of the subscription a rewards points system which you can then use to purchase products on the shop.

Stories and moments of reflection updated weekly from our Training Team

With a new Breed Highlighted every week – a growing Database about every Breed and all about them.

Word search games based around dogs – Find a word