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Our Vision for your Business

When we decided to franchise Dogtraining101, we did so with the vision of creating a business
opportunity which:
1. Is simple and easy for you to run
2. Provides you with a better potential return on investment for less risk than many other
types of investment
4. Provides you with the potential to make capital gain
5. Offers the best training in the industry
6. Meets a very real need in the community you serve
7. Is a scalable business model meaning you can grow the business to a size that allows you
to employ staff and increase your earnings
7. Provides you and your family with greater financial freedom and quality of life

Our Mission

We Stop At Nothing
We do everything we can to ensure success for our clients and tailor the training to suit both the
needs of the client and their dog.

We Love To Teach
Knowledge is everything and we love to share it with our clients to build a better relationship
with their dog.

We Take It Step-By-Step
We do it at the clients pace and make sure that the dog has the opportunity to learn gradually the
same way we do.

We Keep it Simple
We put everything in Plain English – we are here to help you not make ourselves look smart.

Welcome to Dogtraining101

In a competitive job market, owning your own business can often be the best way to achieve a higher income and create the ideal lifestyle, and buying a franchise can be one of the fastest ways to achieve this goal with the least amount of risk. Australia is among the most franchised countries in the world because Aussies understand the considerable benefits of being part of a
proven business model and the support of an experienced Franchisor.
By considering a Dogtraining101 Franchise, you are contemplating joining a business with a highly reputable brand in the market, with access to a significant resource of experience and expertise in operating a dog training business. The Dogtraining101 Franchise system means that you will be running your own business, but you will be part of an experienced and passionate team of people who will help guide you on your journey.
One of the advantages of owning a Dogtraining101 Franchise is that you do not necessarily need experience running a business. The structures and support we have in place mean that by following our comprehensive systems and processes, you will be confidently running your own Dogtraining101 business in no time.
Owning a Dogtraining101 Franchise means having access to a business system that has been proven to be successful for over 5 years. Our experienced team work hard to ensure that you are always supported and guided on how to maximise efficiency and profits.
If you are interested we can send you a document that will provide you with an overview of the information you need to know when considering purchasing a Dogtraining101 Franchise, from the delivery of our puppy and dog training programmes, to the administration requirements and business support provided by Dogtraining101 Support Office. If after reading through this document, you believe the Dogtraining101 Franchise opportunity could be right for you, let us know and we will discuss the next steps with you.

We look forward to meeting you!

Minimal Start up Costs

Minimal start up costs – You will be surprised compared to other franchise systems

Earning Potential

If you put in the effort you can be earning $66 an hour in your first year of Operation


We provide all the Training required hands on plus external certification

Part of an Organisation that helps Charity

We believe in giving back to the communities that support us and you as the Franchisee – These are some of the groups we actively assist.

Qsar – Queensland Staffy and Amstaff Rescue

SUR – Staffy United Rescue

BAR – Bull Arab Rescue

Silver Lining Rescue

SEQ k9 Rescue

Happy Tails Rescue

FNQ Rescue

Want to know more?

If you think this is for you and are ready for a career change – then email us at admin@dogtraining101.com.au

From there Graham will give you a call and get the ball rolling.

Benefits of the Dogtraining101 Franchise

Being a part of the Dogtraining101 Franchise network brings with it a number of exclusive
advantages that make becoming a business owner an easy and lucrative opportunity.
• By purchasing a Dogtraining101 Franchise, you are purchasing a proven business system
that works. From day one you will be running your business efficiently and professionally
with no need for ‘trial and error’ when it comes to any aspect of your business.
• The Dogtraining101 name is established in our chosen market, which provides a number of
advantages to you from day one. When your potential client thinks of puppy classes or inhome dog training, they will already be thinking of Dogtraining101.
• Buying a Dogtraining101 Franchise offers you the chance to be in business for yourself,
but not by yourself.
• Being a Dogtraining101 Franchisee means that you a part of a Franchisee network, that
you are also purchasing an in-built support system for your business. Other Franchisees
are not your competitors, they are like-minded people who have the same professional
goals that you do, within a different territory.
• The support that you get as a Dogtraining101 Franchisee is unique and definitely one of
the most significant benefits of being a part of the Dogtraining101 team. Dogtraining101
Support Office Team have an incredible amount of experience behind them and one of
their main roles is to ensure that you supported and guided every step of the way.
• You are provided with everything you need to hit the ground running including access to
the equipment, operating manuals, software and the tools that you need to run a
successful Dogtraining101 franchise.


A franchise territory is the area within which a Franchisee is authorised to establish and operate
a franchised business. It’s our policy to offer new Franchisees a territory that can
demographically support a Dogtraining101 business. Depending on availability and your
preference, we can offer the territory that’s closest to where you live or the territory that
offers the most potential for success. Once agreed, your territory is exclusive and protected for
the life of the franchise agreement.
Exclusive Territories
Regardless of the number of other Dogtraining101 Franchises around you, you are the only
Franchisee who can advertise and market in your area. This also means that advertising and
targeting your market in the territory of another Franchisee is a definite no-no. Your Franchise
Agreement lays out exact boundaries of your territory and this territory is protected from other
Franchisees activities.
Whilst there is protection for your territory it is important not to underestimate the strength in
numbers and collaboration when it comes to marketing power.

Support Office Support (Franchise Management Package)


The collective years of experience that the
Dogtraining101 Support Office team has is
immense, and this means that Dogtraining101 Support Office understand every facet of your business and will be on hand to guide you through less familiar aspects of the business, best practice and proven business strategies when required.

Included with the ongoing support from Support Office are the following support and technology required for the operation of the franchise business, including;

• Payment systems
• Client database
• Intranet
• Accounting support
• Business
management systems
• Supply
• Marketing

We will help you build a relationship with your dog based on

Respect and Trust



We want to Franchise all over the Australia

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