It will be assumed any person participating in any course with Dogtraining101 Pty Ltd or Dogtrainingforcharity Ltd will have read the terms and conditions listed below and abide by them.  It will also be assumed that you agree with the listed terms and conditions upon sign up or appointment.

All Group and In Home Tuition Classes Agreement to Participate

​** All Classes are PRIVATE EVENTS – hence we do not list locations – the location is sent upon registration – We did list them once but had some OH&S issues with not participants – All Individuals who register are responsible for anyone who accompanies them **

By participating in any  Group or In Home tuition you automatically agree to the following conditions –


To Hold Harmless, Waiver and Assumption of Risk

I, the undersigned warrant that I understand that attending DogTraining101’s Professional Dog Training Course or Facilities and Dogtrainingforcharity Ltd is not without risk to myself or my dog.  It is also understood that I may be subjected to injury as a result of the training or exposure to other dogs even under circumstances where all care is exhibited.  I hereby waive and release DogTraining101 and Dogtrainingforcharity Ltd , his Officer’s, Directors, Agents and Employees together with the owners of any real property where my training is being conducted or where Daycare is being provided from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage to my person or my property, including my dog, and I expressly assume the risk of such injury or damage while attending DogTraining101’s Professional Dog Training Course or whilst the dog is in daycare.


The forgoing agreement is made in consideration of my admission into DogTraining101’s Professional Dog Training Course, Daycare or Training Facilities.  I agree to be bound by the Company rules established by this institution and to obey the directions of the Instructors at large both on and off the field.  I understand that I may be requested to remove myself from the designated training area or Daycare or Training facility if, in the discretion of those official, my presence or Dog may constitute a hazard to other persons or property.  I also state that I have read the class Rules and Regulations and will adhere to those conditions.


In Home Training


  • When you book a job it is for the period stated.  If there is more than one dog to be trained it is in that period stated – YOU DO NOT GET BONUS HOURS FOR EXTRA DOGS.
  • Safety is everything – if you fail to notify us of a potentially dangerous issue you will be liable for costs and damages or injury to staff.  Whilst some team members are equipped and trained to deal with aggression issues I will not tolerate a client endangering themselves or my team by not telling us all the relevant information.
  • If you have a gated property my team will not enter – you will need to be there ready – this is for safety reasons – you are legally required under council bylaws to provide safe access to the front door.


  1. No Children under 14 years of age will be handling dogs unless prior arrangement is made with the Instructors – this is a safety issue.  The exception is Puppy school where it is encouraged for children to attend.

  2. All visitors or spectators must observe from the sideline and are not ever welcome on field.

  3. One handler per dog from commencement of course to completion, as it is not fair on your dog to have several handlers, especially ones whom are not as trained as the dog.  Also a handler that is only a fill in will hold up the rest of the class.  Fill in handlers also pose a high level of risk to others.

  4. All persons whom attend our classes do so totally at their own risk.  Although all care will be taken, we do not accept and responsibility or liability for any action, which may occur during the entire course.

  5. Any classes missed, throughout the course is your own responsibility and you will not be given a refund.  You can arrange a catch up session with the Instructor at your own cost.

  6. Due to the structure of the ongoing courses, class will be held regardless of weather conditions unless otherwise notified.  Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) will dictate safety.  You will be notified if the class has to be cancelled.

  7. Safety is of utmost importance, and we do not like aggression at our classes, so upon arrival at class, do not let your dog loose – keep under restraint at all times.  Give you and your dog at least 3 metres distance between you and the next person.

  8. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or dog that we don’t feel is capable of ensuring a safe standard of control or who is not, in our opinion, trying to progress successfully.

  9. No people on the field except Instructors and Handlers.  No friends, family or children.

  10. We reserve the right to tell persons to leave our classes or areas of training due to poor practices, equipment or ability that could increase potential risk to self, instructors, clients or bystanders.

  11. Closed in footwear is to be worn on the field by handlers at all times.  If you show up to class without safe footwear you will be asked to leave as it is a huge safety risk to yourself, others on the field and all of the dogs if you slip and cant hold your dog.

  12. We will not allow equipment in class that is potentially hazerdous to the dog or clients – this includes but is not limited to Halti brand halters (they hurt their neck) – Retractable leads or Springy leads.


Environmental Policy

Given the nature of weather in Queensland – if it is deemed a risk to the dogs or humans we will postpone the class that week.  Your individual class trainers will contact you 30-45mins prior to class if this is required due to rain or extreme heat.

  • There is a $10 administration charge for Manual bookings of classes or appointments not done through the booking site.


Any appointment or group class that is cancelled without 24hrs notice will either have the lesson forfeited if paid or if unpaid will receive an invoice for $150 payable within 30 days for insufficient notice given as per applicable under Australian Consumer Law.  It will then be passed onto a debt collection agency if unpaid.

Any In Home Training Refunds are subject to the CEO of the business – if it was a package deal then the lessons used will be charged at the full hr rate and any remainder may be refunded. ie if you had a $400 package deal and stop after 2 lessons you may get a refund of $100 as each lesson is $150 an hr.

If you want a refund because you returned a dog, gave it away or for whatever reason failed it – the answer is NO! Any remaining credit will be used toward helping rescue dogs. You got a dog – it is for life!

Group Classes are not refundable but you are able to use as credit to another class.  This money goes to charity not dogtraining101.

To Cancel an appointment or booking you can Phone or Text your assigned Trainer to Reschedule.