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Reactive Obedience

Reactive Control – Optional Group Obedience

For Dogs who are Reactive to other dogs. This is a 4 Week Course plus 1 in home lesson.

All our Group Courses are designed to build either on each other or in conjunction with each other.  This is about building a relationship with your dog.  Unfortunately there are many out there who do not teach you how to do this.  We provide these courses in an environment that can be distracting for the dog so they learn to trust you in all situations. 

For any Reactive Obedience course there must be at least 2 dogs in the class to go ahead or we will offer you an alternate solution.  There is also a maximum of 3.

Our Obedience courses are designed to let you achieve the results you want.  There are also optional courses along the way you can do as well.  We limit the class size to 6 dogs so that we can maximize your learning.  Our Obedience instructors are trained out in the field with in home behavioral training so that they can recognize and assist you during class with behavioral issues not just the Obedience training.  We never use methods that are harsh or cruel to train the dogs, nor do we use food but show you how to use yourself as the reward to achieve the results.  We incorporate turns and weaving into all our classes.

Our Optional courses are developed for enhancing control and your relationship with your dog – they are not compulsory.


Class Content – Reactive Control

This is not a normal dog obedience course – this is designed for leash aggression and reactivity to other dogs.  This is for dogs that have previously been attacked, owners that have been attacked or for dogs that are out of control when they see another dog or human.  This is for the owners too scared to do obedience or rejected by every other training organization who only know how to use food.

NOTE – we do not use food, static collars etc in this course. Only 3 Dogs per Trainer.

What does the course involve – there are two parts – firstly some private tuition to prep you then the group component.  The cost covers the in-home component – group component.

Part 1

  • 1x 60min In home sessions first with the dog.

Part 2

  • Week 1 – Revisit the principles learned in home but in the group setting – with Mat training and Sit.  Learn how to get your dog in a controlled position for more than 5 seconds.  We start to teach you how to build trust with your dog and that you are the protector.
  • Week 2 – We visit the Heel Command.  We start to increase the level of stimulation under control to build resilience and confidence both in the owner and the dog.
  • Week 3 – We visit the Stay command.  We continue to increase resilience and trust but without the owner being next to the dog.
  • Week 4 – All commands are put together in environments that will continue to build trust in the owner.
For any extra assistance post training this can be done via our APP