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Tasty Bone Flexible Bone Large

asty Bone Flexible Bone

Our Flexible Bone is designed for light to medium chewers, and also to meet the needs of teething puppies. Chewing not only facilitates teething but also makes sore gums feel better. Puppies and young dogs have delicate teeth that can be damaged by hard chews. We have developed a softer pliable bone that could prevent damage to their teeth. We recommend you replace Flexible Bone when the ends are worn or if it becomes too small for your dog to chew safely. Flexible Bone is perfectly safe to ingest – small fragments will pass through your dog’s system harmlessly. Our Flexible Bone is not recommended for strong chewers. For strong chewers we recommend our nylon TastyBones and MegaBone.

Safety Advice:
Do not throw Flexible Bone for your dog to catch, the impact could injure their teeth. Replace Flexible Bone when it is small enough for your dog to swallow whole. As with all chew toys supervision is recommended.

Thermoplastic polymer, Flavouring.


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1 in stock


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Weight .127 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 16 × 3 cm