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Puppy and Small Dog Leather Collar – Brass Fittings – Hand Dyed

Puppy and Small Dog Leather Collar - Brass Fittings - Hand Dyed

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Our new Dog101 Design range collars are for the dogs that want to dress to impress and not be naked when they go out.  Our New Leather Collar Range is made right here in Brisbane.  Using traditional techniques with leather from one of the worlds best tanneries, these collars are carved, traditionally sealed with bees wax, hand dyed and the joined with a Chicago screw to provide more strength than a rivet.  This range comes with Brass fittings.  The collar buckles are your clear choice for premium products. Prime quality material and finish will give your collar the required strength and the mirror like finish.  No collar should be relied upon for control.  Our puppy and small dog range have matching 1.5m or 1.8m leads available in either silver/black or brass snap to match your collar.  These collars are hand made by us so you will not find them elsewhere. For under 30cm check out the Puppy and Small Dog Range.

Medium – 30cm -> 43cm

Large – 43cm -> 55cm

Ex Large – 55cm -> 67cm


Note ***

  • The value expresses when the product breaks.
  • The testing device is not certified/calibrated and the data is only indicative.
  • We usually use 2-3 pieces for each test. The difference between the pieces can be up to 20 %, depending on the specific material. For example, steel products have smaller differences than zinc die-casted products.
  • In tests, the tear-breaking strength is measured by direct pull. In practice, however, the tensile forces on the collars are halved. When selecting, then, you can actually count on nominal breaking strength doubled. Applies only to buckles and slides used on collars.
  • The safe working load (SWL) ​you can count like 1/10​ of breaking load. So if you need a snap hook for a 25 kg dog you have to search for a breaking load above 250 kg.​

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

Collar Material

Collar Size


Collar Width

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