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Dogtra YS200 Bark Control Collar - S/M Dogs

The new Dogtra YS200 is a water resistant anti barking collar designed with low to mild output for small to medium size sensitive barking dogs

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Dogtra YS200 Bark Control Collar

* Suits small to medium size dogs from 4kg in weight
* 6 adjustable intensity levels
* Bark recognition
* LED battery indicator
* Water resistant
* Operated by 2 x CR2032 battery
* Smaller receiver collar designed to fit comfortably on small dogs
* 1 year warranty

Recommend Dog Breeds examples (Over 6 months)

*Cavalier King Charles *Maltese *Scottish Terrier *Jack Russel *Beagle *Kelpie *Staffy *Whippet

The new Dogtra YS200 is a water resistant anti barking collar designed with low to mild output for small to medium size sensitive barking dogs. The YS200 anti bark collar has 6 levels of intensity output setting and is the smallest no bark collar Dogtra offers. The Dogtra YS200 bark control collar equips the new Dogtra bark recognition sensor which can distinguish between you dog’s barking and other noise. This collar is weatherproof and operated by 2 replaceable CR2032 lithium batteries and an LED battery life indicator.

How does the Dogtra YS200 collar works

When your dog barks while wearing the Dogtra YS200 bark control collar, the vibration sensor (the soft round rubber locates between the two contact probes) will detect the vibration from the dog’s voice box. Then it emits a user selected level of static correction to stop the dog from barking. The Dogtra YS200 has 6 user adjustable levels of output. The level 1 is the lowest and level 6 is the highest.

We always recommend starting from the lowest level and increase the output if the dog doesn’t stop barking.




Legal Disclaimer

NT – Legal

Regulation 4 and Schedule 1 of the Animal Welfare Regulations allow for the use of electric shock collars in the course of training a dog (excluding collars operated by a remote-control device).

QLD – Legal

All Shock Collars are Legal for use in Queensland

TAS – Legal

Animal Welfare Act 1993 (As long as there is no pain to the animal)

VIC – Legal

Subject to exemptions under Reg 7E(2)

Permitted under prescribed circumstances Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 1997 (Reg 7E(2)). See www.dpi.vic.gov.au/animalwelfare for details.

WA – Legal

Animal Welfare (General ) Regulations 2003

ACT – Illegal

Animal Welfare Act

SA – Illegal

Animal Welfare Act

NSW – Illegal

Section 16 of the Act, Section 13 and Schedule 1 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General) Regulation 1996 and Schedule 1
One exception to the rule is electric collars associated with invisible boundaries. These are not illegal provided the canine invisible boundary is used to confine dogs, but only used inside a fence through which dogs cannot pass and that is not less than 1.5 metres high.

Please Note: Dogtraining101 Pty Ltd takes No legal liability in the use of any of our training collars.

If you live in a State that they are illegal you agree in taking full responsibility of your actions in purchasing/using our product against the stated law above. Purchase at your own risk of prosecution for not following above guidelines.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm