Any Breed - Any Age - Any Problem

Please click on the following Link to watch how to use your card to get access to the videos.  We have lots of fake accounts generated so please make sure you enter you details so we do not delete you by accident.


We have lots of people who successfully do this every week.  We do it via the shop so you do not get hacked this is the only way in.  Unfortunately we also get some emails that are not nice due to technical challenges.  If you are having problems it tends to fall into one of the following issues.  Follow the instructions – you have added the wrong code to the product or added the wrong product – you are trying to access from work and there is a firewall to stop you – your antivirus software is blocking access – you have connectivity issues with your telco or wifi provider and you get a spinning circle – you are out of data – you trying to skip steps – you have not filled everything out – you are not scrolling down far enough – you have forgotten your password – we manually have to reset this for you you are unable to do this – again to stop hacking – these are but some of the issues we cannot control – we are training dogs all the time so cannot jump at the moment you expect – please give us time to assist if there is an issue and we will get you going.

Once Logged in you can select one of the options at the bottom.  You will know you are logged in because it will say hello to you with your name in the membership box.  You will only be able to access your relevant membership and only once you have followed the instructions on the card to purchase it through the shop..  If you want the appy club membership you need to purchase it in the shop first to get access.