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Our Group Training has changed in line with Government Regulations as follows –

Puppy School – Is now a 4 week course – You drop off your Pup and we train and socialize it.  There will be zoom video calls and online homework to do in your home.  You are not allowed to stay as it is a maximum of 2 people.  We have 2 trainers at each class – 2 pens – 2 meters apart – max 3 puppies each pen.

Obedience –  All Obedience group classes no longer operate in accordance with government regulations.  Only 2 people are allowed to meet.  All group classes are now your time training one on one.  Same content but 30minute lessons.  There can only be one person with the trainer this is a government health mandate.

All of our Group Obedience and Puppy schools are done in Hired Venues.  We could get permits to do them in parkland for free, but we CHOOSE to hire from local COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS so that the money goes back to the community that supports us.

Please select the level you are after and it will take you to the locations it is currently available