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Level 3 Obedience

Level 3 Group Obedience

For Dogs who have completed Level 2. This is a 4 Week Course.

All our Group Courses are designed to build either on each other or in conjunction with each other.  This is about building a relationship with your dog.  Unfortunately there are many out there who do not teach you how to do this.  We provide these courses in an environment that can be distracting for the dog so they learn to trust you in all situations.  Once you have done a course from Level 3 you can redo it anytime for Free for the life of that dog whilst you are a current member of our APP

For any Obedience course there must be at least 2 dogs in the class to go ahead or we will offer you an alternate solution.  There is also a maximum of 6.

Our Obedience courses are designed to let you achieve the results you want.  There are also optional courses along the way you can do as well.  We limit the class size to 6 dogs so that we can maximize your learning.  Our Obedience instructors are trained out in the field with in home behavioral training so that they can recognize and assist you during class with behavioral issues not just the Obedience training.  We never use methods that are harsh or cruel to train the dogs, nor do we use food but show you how to use yourself as the reward to achieve the results.  We incorporate turns and weaving into all our classes.

Our Optional courses are developed for enhancing control and your relationship with your dog – they are not compulsory.

Class Content – Obedience Level 3

Week 1 – Eye Focus – using Yes/No and Drop from standing using hand signal – Right hand side Heel and duplication of all commands but on the right side.

Week 2 – Stand out of motion using hand signal and Sit out of motion using hand signal

Week 3 – Drop out of motion using hand signal and First Aid Level 2 – CPR and Wound Bandage – Eye Focus at a distance.

Week 4 – Come from Stay, Heel from a distance and Graduation

If you require extra assistance post training we can do in home visits at a reduced rate.