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Level 1.5 Trick Training

Level 1.5 Trick Training

For Dogs 16weeks and Older. This is a 4 Week Course.

Your dog must have completed Level 1 Obedience with us to do this course.

The price for Level 1.5 Trick Training is $167 for the total course.  This includes 2 programmable buttons and clicker.  These are 4 x 45 Minute Group lessons.

All our Group Courses are designed to build either on each other or in conjunction with each other.  This is about building a relationship with your dog.  Unfortunately there are many out there who do not teach you how to do this.  We provide these courses in an environment that can be distracting for the dog so they learn to trust you in all situations. 

This class teaches you the basics of how to use a Clicker, Verbal Markers and Back Chaining to achieve tricks you can do with your dog at home or out and about.

Most importantly for you there is the fun bits – We will be teaching you how to teach your dog to speak to you using buttons with your voice in them.  We will teach you two basic ones to start with and then you can add many more at home.  We will also teach you other fun tricks for you to do and practice.

Our Optional courses are developed for enhancing control and your relationship with your dog – they are not compulsory.

Class Content – Trick Training Level 1.5

Week 1 – Understanding the different ways to teach tricks.  Learn Button 1 and another trick.

Week 2 – Learn 3 More Tricks and review of last weeks tricks.

Week 3 – Learn Button 2 and 2 more tricks and review of last weeks tricks

Week 4 – Learn 1 more trick and Review of previous tricks and Graduation.

Some of the tricks to be learnt

  • Roll Over
  • Sit Pretty
  • Dance
  • Spin
  • High Five
  • Shake
  • Weave between legs

You can find level 1.5 Locations here.