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by sandy on DogTraining101

Wow, Ailine came to our house and we have 2 very excited dogs, one a foster that needed some work before she can be rehomed, she was running our house. We followed up with Lisa and put both girls into level 1 obedience with her. They are both doing so much better now and Annie is up for adoption. We now walk, not get dragged around town. Thanks to you both

by Rosemary Jilderts on DogTraining101
Puppy training

Wow! I had heard of great experiences from other dog owners but I had no idea just how quickly Aline would have our totally out of control GSD pup UNDER control. She was amazing and taught us so much in the 1st hour today. When we did our next session on our own it only took 15 minutes before Bear dropped to the mat of his own accord. The psychological approach to dog training is amazing. Our chaotic lives took an about turn. We now have a quiet peaceful home and can't wait for Aline's next visit. She's a miracle worker.

by Rosemary and John Jilderts on DogTraining101
Wonderful Aline

Today Bear, our lovely but cheeky GSD puppy, had his third 1 hour in-home session with Aline. We are absolutely amazed at the difference this wonderful lady has brought to the fore. He has gone from nipping us all the time, leaving us covered in bandaids, to a lovely boy who, while still a puppy with some cheeky puppy habits, is a delight to have around. Aline has trained us as much as she has trained Bear and she is a delight to have around too. Thanks Aline. You have worked miracles with Bear. And we will be looking for more sessions again soon. Love you, girl.

by Vicky on DogTraining101
Great value for money

Rachael picked up that my anxiety from comparing my stubborn strong willed dogs lack of obedience compared to her fellow class mate was a barrier in Eleanor's learning. She was reacting to my anxiety and stress. Once Rachael helped me accept I wasn't a failure and to stop comparing our progress with others I relaxed and enjoyed training. We completed level one today with Eleanor taking herself to the mat and laying down quietly. Excited plus plus. It was taking me 2 hours every night to get her to do this in the beginning. Rachael was so kind and patient, giving me extra time after class to gently guided me through this. Highly recommend her and can't thank her enough for helping me stick it out.

by Christine on DogTraining101
Training at home - first rate

My husband and I work shift, so it wasn’t easy to get to Puppy school. We arranged for Graham to come to our home for private lessons. Our dog, Paddy, loved him. He was very good at explaining things to us in a way we could understand. Little things for us to look out for to show us what (& why) Paddy was doing things. For example - Paddy standing on our feet - we thought was cute - nope - he was trying to dominate us (quite successfully I might add!) Graham helped us to teach Paddy to walk better on a lead, not to be afraid of the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. He can now have his hair blow dried after a bath without barking or trying to bite it! A huge achievement. Graham was adaptive to what we needed and very patient with teaching us poor humans how to relate to the doggy world. I would recommend his services again. In fact, as Paddy is less than 6 mths now, we will get him back in a few months for a bit of retraining! (Of us more than the dog!)
Thanks Graham. We highly recommend you and your services.

by Alice on DogTraining101
Awesome Aline!

Aline has helped me and David so much with our two older dogs, Keith and Lou lou. I would definately recommend dog training101 and Aline, she has so much knowledge and patience thank you so much!!

by Senga Barrell on DogTraining101
Obedience level 1

Very happy with this 3 week course. My 11 month old, very strong, male Golden Retriever is now a pleasure to walk. Prior to this course he pulled like a freight train.

by Jill Hall on DogTraining101
Jacks journey

Jack, a 6 month old Cavoodle cowered and cried at the sight of a lead. He refused to go out of our home unless carried and lay down if you tried to walk him. He was originally bought into our home as a support dog for a disabled family member to aid their recovery and help exercise routines. Not a great help when your new puppy won’t walk!

Jack had established himself into our family and there was no going back, we had to overcome this problem. We rang Graham from 101 and he agreed to come and help. I think even he was perplexed by Jacks behaviour. His experience however won out.

Over a number of weeks using shortened sessions to move things along at Jacks pace we now have a puppy that is happy on the lead, happy to leave the home and happy to walk with his owner to get the exercise needed.

Thank you Graham, you have really made a difference for us and Jack.

by Craig Kennedy on DogTraining101

As being first time dog owners we were somewhat apprehensive about knowing how to best integrate our new dog Remi into our family. Thanks to Jason, we are now much more comfortable, and so is Remi. Jason was always willing to share his knowledge and answer our endless questions. His approach towards us and Remi was down to earth and gave us the practical tips and tricks we needed to get started. Thanks for getting us off to such a great start Jason.

by Robyn Betson on DogTraining101
Thanks to Dog Training 101

I have just completed the Reactive Dog course conducted on the Gold Coast and would like to thank Graham for all his help and advice with training our very strong willed dog reactive dog. His home behavior has improved enormously and his on lead walking is much better than it was. I know with continued practice on my part he will nail it. I would recommend Graham and his training methods to anyone with training issues. Our next step is to join one of the group classes which I look forward to doing. Prior to participation in this last course it would never have been an option. Thank you for your help.

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