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International Client Training

Nothing can be more daunting than a brand new puppy or rescue dog. As quickly as they fill our lives with joy they can very quickly turn your life upside down with chewing, biting and weeing in the house or general naughtiness. With these videos we teach you everything you need to know and how to do it and make the transition so much easier for you and your pup.  We show you how to build mutual trust and respect in a positive manner. This teaches you how to be a leader so the dog follows you not an Alpha so it follows out of fear.

We list the access to videos below, they are for hire for anyone outside of Australia.  These are the same training videos we use for all our clients here in Australia.  So click on the link and it will take you to the rental section of Vimeo.  If you are in Australia please visit the contact us page.

 Click on this Link for Complete PUPPY TRAINING

Click on this Link for Obedience Basic Level and some Advanced Command Training

Click on this Link for Complete In Home Training and Reactive Dog Training

If you are struggling with the videos alone we offer face to face training for our international clients via Zoom – Face time or your preferred method. The prices for these are listed here.
We do not charge extra for multiple dogs in the same household.

We do everything we can to assist you but ultimately it comes down to you the human to want to fix the situation. If you are not prepared to do as we ask you will not get the results we know you can. There is no magical pill – just hard work and dedication to your family member – the Dog.