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In Home Training

Coming Home to Family

Hourly rate

Our price per 30min or 60min
30 Minute Lesson - $77 60 Minute Lesson -$147
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Basic Packages

Our Basic behavioural Packages
Package 1 - $297 Package 2 - $327 Package 3 - $397
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Dog Leash Reactivity Package

For Dogs suffering any type of Impulse or Reactivity on the Leash
Reactivity Package $397
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Dog Aggression Package

For Dog on Dog or Dog on Human Aggression
Aggression Package $547
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Bespoke Obedience

Design your own Obedience
Starting at $147
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Specialty Packages

Packages outside the Norm
Cafe Pack - $327 Pregnacy Pack - $427 Package 4 - $997
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Video/Phone Hookup Lessons

For clients outside our training region and Internationally
Video Training $20 for 15 Minutes - Purchase in the shop first.
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In Home Training Video

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