Any Breed - Any Age - Any Problem

Welcome to Dogtraining101 Employment Section.

We are fast becoming the Leading Dog Training Organisation in Queensland and are now expanding via Franchise..  From humble beginnings we are growing thru providing great customer service and providing clients with a new start with their dogs.  We address all behavioural issues and obedience fixing what our competitors can’t or won’t.  We used Balanced methods of training – this is required as every dog is different and no two dogs respond the same.  It also means we use any method required to save a dog from being put down.

We are always looking for new Franchisees who know what they are doing and we have plenty of opportunities for them.  There is a big BUT – we do not want people with EGO’s,  and we do not want people who think its better to put a dog to sleep than help it, and you need to be passionate about rescue.  If you think this is you than drop us a line.  This is for people who genuinely want to help people and dogs.


What do I look for in a Franchisee for Dogtraining101?

  • Great communication and people skills – if are shy or need to be connected to your device or mobile this is not for you.
  • A Mature Outlook on life – not a flippant I think I feel like being a dog trainer
  • Passion to learn Dog training and Dog psychology
  • A Proven service background with many years experience would be of advantage.
  • References are a must and will be checked.
  • A Self starter and able to be better than punctual (always early) and able to work independently but part of a larger team.
  • If you are the demanding type or the look at me type and are all about your own ego – go elsewhere – we are about the dog.
  • Someone who can accept responsibility for their own actions and not blame people and incidents around them.
  • An open mind – as I said we use many training techniques to save dogs.  We prefer to train from scratch so there are no bad habits or ideas, but are open to previous learning if you can demonstrate an open mind.
  • A Passion for rescue and be able to volunteer time through charities to help them train rescue.
  • You must have a License and a car and be able to travel
  • The client comes first attitude – they may not be right but they certainly come first.
  • Physically Fit and Capable as you will have to manage 50kg dogs humping and jumping on you.
  • No fear of dogs.
  • Understand SAFETY is CRITICAL in this occupation

I have worked in the corporate world for many years and discovered you are just a number to them – you are not a number with us – you are a member of our family an extended dog family who want to do the best they can for our canine friends and their local community.  We will set the standard and always improve.

If you think you might fit our culture for our Franchises you can reach out by sending your CV and Resume to – this does not mean you automatically get an interview.

We will have the prospectus here shortly.