Any Breed - Any Age - Any Problem

Nothing can be more daunting than a brand new puppy. As quickly as they fill our lives with joy they can very quickly turn your life upside down with chewing, biting and weeing in the house. We come to your house and teach you everything you need to know and how to do it and make the transition so much easier for you and your pup. We have an Information Booklet to give you along with online videos all included in the price to ensure you succeed. We do not charge extra for multiple dogs in the same household. Please note to take advantage of any package deals payment in Full must be done at the end of the first lesson - All trainers have Credit Card Facilities for ease of payment. We now offer Payment plans via Humm which are accessed via our online shop at If you live in an apartment complex please ensure there is parking available or we may not be able to do the lesson. We do everything we can to assist you but ultimately it comes down to you the human to want to fix the situation. If you are not prepared to do as we ask you will not get the results we know you can. There is no magical pill - just hard work and dedication to your family member - the Dog.
If you need extra assistance post training you can get this thru our APP.


Combo 2

$ 347 2 x 1 Hour + 3 Week Class
  • 2 x 1 Hour Visit
  • Level 1 Obedience OR Recall Class OR Impulse Class
  • Online Videos to watch and learn
  • Hands on Tuition

Combo 1

$ 397 3 x 1 Hour Lessons + 5 Week Puppy School
  • 3 x 1 Hour Visits
  • 5 Week Puppy School
  • Online Videos to watch and learn
  • Information Pack
  • Hands on Tuition

Combo 3

$ 397 2 x 1 Hour Lessons + Level 2 or 3 Class
  • 2 x 1 Hour Visits
  • Level 2 OR Level 3 Class
  • Online Videos to watch and learn
  • Hands on Tuition