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What is Balanced Dog Training?

Welcome to Dogtraining101.  As a dog trainer – myself and my team get asked all of the time what is a balanced dog trainer.  A balanced dog trainer is someone who recognizes that every dog has a unique and individual personality based on its drives and instincts.  They recognize that they are another species and not human and hence require different needs to that of a human.  They recognize that the human also has needs from their new companion.  It is our job to find the best method of training that is suited to meshing both of these together to ensure the success of the relationship between human and canine and that the dog is able to thrive in a loving and secure environment.  We do not rely on one sole method of training and are open to whatever is required to make this succeed.  There is nothing I haven’t seen or dealt with from human aggression to where vets have pumped up dogs on drugs to control simple behavioral issues – in which we get the dogs off the drugs and back to being a member of the household.

This blog is not intended to provide you answers to behavioral issues as every circumstance is different.  The way that humans interpret a situation in their home is completely different to the way we will interpret it.

Should you need assistance please contact us and make a booking – it is the first and hardest step but ultimately the most rewarding.