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About Us

What fuels our Passion

We Love Rescue Dogs

Having worked in the Pet Industry for a number of years I have seen first hand what a lack of obedience and structure can do to a dog and their family.  By helping families regain control in their homes and outside, we can help to create a happy dog and a happy family and less of our furkids going to shelters.  All of our Team work with rescue dogs to help in training and rehabilitation so they can go to their fureva homes.  This is a very important part of our business and the main reason I established it. 

Below is Heidi’s Story

Saving Lives

We go out of our way to help clients who put in the effort required to save their dog.  There is no magic pill just hard work.  So if you really want to save your dog from death row we will support you. 

This was Bhodi’s Journey below

How do we Train?

We believe in developing mutual respect and trust with your dog.  This is about you being a Leader, NOT an Alpha. We do not use fear based methods, we believe in you being the single most important thing in your dogs life, and teach you how to achieve this special bond.  This does not mean we shove food in your dogs mouth every 2 seconds – there are plenty of ways to positively reinforce behaviours without doing this.  There is a time and place for food, just not all the time.  We want your dog to have a personality, not create a robot.  So, if you are ready to lead your dog and teach them about mutual respect and trust, then read our reviews and give us a call.


We stop at nothing

We do everything we can to ensure your success and tailor the training to suit you and your dog

We Love To Teach

Knowledge is everything and we love to share it with our clients to build a better relationship with their dog.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We do it at your pace and make sure that the dog has the opportunity to learn gradually the same way we do.

We Keep It Simple

We put everything in Plain English – we are here to help you not make ourselves look smart

Our Group Class Profits

The small amount of Profit that is made from full fee paying clients in Group classes is used to train rescue dogs for free for our affiliate rescues.

We do not charge them for In home assessments, group training or Foster Training – this is where the money goes.

Qsar – Queensland Staffy and Amstaff Rescue

SUR – Staffy United Rescue

BAR – Bull Arab Rescue

Big Paws Rescue

Happy Tails Rescue

FNQ Rescue

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We provide you with Friendly Professional Dog Training in a group or in a home setting that will give you the skills to maintain a healthy relationship for you and your best friend.  We give you the skills to get through puppy hood with the right advice and then on to train your dog in obedience for a well-mannered and well-behaved dog.  No more jumping on strangers, pulling on the lead on walks or running riot through the house.  Our Dog Training will teach you the structure to gain control.  These locations are from Vets, Schools, Tafes, Private Premises and also our own commercial facilities around QLD.  We do not list the locations as they are private events not public ones and we restrict access to remain compliant with conditions and rules for each facility or location. The small profit from group classes help rescue dogs. We do not charge our affiliate rescues for the work we do for them. Our methods are reward based – we teach you how to build a relationship with your dog.

My Grandfather was a Dog Trainer and so was my Great Grandfather so its in my blood.  I am always studying and am currently doing Canine Genetics – Canine Endocratic systems and Canine Micro Virology.  This is all to increase what I can do for dogs and you the client.

As a qualified Cert IV trainer and Assessor and having been qualified by Craig A Murray Dogschool its peace of mind that correct Dog training techniques are employed to get the best result.  We never use techniques that are inhumane, harsh or cruel – but tailor our Dog Training to suit your dog as it’s as individual as you are.

We believe in using




All of our Team including myself are constantly doing courses and learning more so that we can ALWAYS provide you with an option on how to get the best result.  We even have our own dog training academy where we train the next lot of future dog trainers. We are now also working with many vet clinics and Physios doing dog rehabilitation after accidents or Injury and helping people with assistance dogs get the basics and impulse control correct before having to go and get their Public access exam.

We will help you build a relationship with your dog based on

Respect and Trust



We Operate all over South East Queensland

Do you need help training your dog?

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